8 reasons to consider Lean Six Sigma training from GO Productivity

For nearly five years, GO Productivity has offered training in Lean Six Sigma and other productivity improvement methodologies. Clients across Canada in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, construction, energy services, finance & insurance, retail, healthcare, government, and non-profit, have taken advantage of this training to develop their teams and implement improvements in their organizations.

There are countless options out there for professional development so it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and pick the best program. On-line or in-class; close-to-home or a trip down south; college or polytechnic or custom trainer… there are so many factors and variables at play.

At GO Productivity, we want to help you make the best choice for your professional development needs. That’s why we’re sharing eight reasons why Lean Six Sigma training from GO Productivity might be right for you.

Balanced Approach Some programs teach you only one of Lean or Six Sigma, not both, so you’re only getting half the picture, but you’re often paying similar or higher fees. Our balanced approach to the methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma training gives you the best of both concepts, integrates them seamlessly, and shows you how to use the combination of tools and methods to achieve optimal results. Our curriculum is rooted in Michael George’s 2002 book, Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma with Lean Speed.

Breadth of Lean Six Sigma training. From our introductory Yellow Belt course to our intensive Black Belt program, we have the level of training you require. We’ll help you select what would work best for your organization’s specific needs. Due to popular demand, we are also creating a half-day White Belt program. Subscribe to our e-newsletter or watch our blog for news of this new offering over the summer.

GO Productivity trainers. We hire the best and brightest. Our coaches and trainers bring a wide variety of education and experience into the classroom. Our team has leveraged training from industry, internal GO Productivity courses, and Master Black Belt training from leading US-based providers.  From Yellow Belt to Black Belt, rest assured you’re getting the best training on the market from some of the most experienced trainers around.

Small class size. We limit the number of participants for each session; you’ll never be in a crowded classroom. You’ll receive the right amount of personal attention from your instructor, and you won’t feel intimidated asking questions in a large class, but neither will you feel like the only one in the room.

Our training is Canada Job Grant eligible. Unlike some programs (especially on-line training), GO Productivity’s Lean Six Sigma training programs are all eligible for a rebate of up to 66% of the course fees. We can help you apply and avoid some common mistakes that can delay the application.

Our experience with the Canada Job Grant is helping our clients stretch their training and development budgets up to 200% further. In fact, more than 27 GO Productivity clients have accessed nearly $145,000 in funding from the Canada Job Grant to train their employees in Lean Six Sigma.  We’ll help you take advantage of this valuable funding program to get your people trained up with skills that will take your company to the next level.

We’ll hold a spot for you. Unlike some training providers, we’ll hold a spot for you in your training program of choice so you can get approvals lined up and not risk losing your seat.  This point becomes even more important if you’re using the Canada Job Grant, because there’s a process to follow, and it can take some time.

Our background is business. From a variety of sectors and companies of all sizes, our trainers and advisors know business because they come from business and have done productivity improvements within industry for the better part of their careers. They deliver the course in terms you’ll recognize, and it won’t feel overly academic.

Productivity is our focus. GO Productivity was founded for the sole purpose of helping progressive mid-size Canadian companies improve their productivity through tools and methodologies including Lean Six Sigma. Improving your productivity is our focus, and we are passionate about helping you succeed. We don’t do tax planning, business finance, or human resources

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