Women in Leadership 2017 Conference Series

The Confident Leader
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

 Ruth McHugh РKeynote Speaker

Being a leader that people will want to follow

All leaders aspire to inspire. In this session, Ruth McHugh will share lessons she’s learned during her leadership journey in the public and private sectors:

  • Leading from the Boardroom vs. Leading from the C-Suite
  • Power vs. Authority vs. Leadership
  • Influence vs. Negotiation

Who should attend

Executives, department heads, directors, senior managers, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals who are looking for strategies to become more effective leaders in today’s business environment.

Why you should attend

  • Explore three key pillars to success persuasion
  • Hear how to bring out the best in people
  • Understand the process for effective decision making
  • Hear lessons learned during a leader’s journey in the public and private sectors
  • Understand why it is critical to make diversity a strategic priority
  • Explore how to maintain authenticity and balance in a life that is busy, chaotic, and a little crazy

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