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Alberta Economy Turns the Corner But Where is it Going?

Early indications are the Alberta economy is about to start growing again, with oil seemingly stabilized around $50/barrel.  All indications are that growth will not come from increased commodity prices but real efforts and results through improved efficiency, productivity, innovation and workforce training for improved competency. The Alberta energy sector is going to respond to this change… Read more »

Environmental Forum

Responding to the challenges of climate change will fundamentally alter the way we work and do business in Alberta. As this situation evolves, many questions arise as to what the main challenges will be and the solutions. The Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR) is hosting an Environmental Forum on March 23, 2017 to help bring answers… Read more »

2017 Reverse Trade Show

Calling all innovators! The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital invites you to hear clinicians from the hospital present clinical care challenges that require the development of innovative technological solutions. These challenges represent opportunities for industry partners to collaborate with AHS clinicians to develop new products that have commercial value for the developer and improve care for Albertan’s… Read more »

SCMA: See You At The Top

Join SCMA Alberta for an evening of networking and insight from Byron Smith, Mountaineer, Businessman, and devoted Father. Byron will be speaking on what it takes to achieve success in your personal and professional life through exploring the leader from within. conveying his motivational message “You can be and do anything you want in life, if… Read more »

Notes from the Throne Speech

Throne Speeches are notoriously general, and full of clichés, regardless of who is in government. But the do foretell an agenda, a tone, and priorities. From a business perspective, economic growth, taxes, infrastructure and education/skills training are key concerns around government policy. So what are the signals of the directions we can expect from our… Read more »

Matchup: A Case for Pan-Canadian Competency Frameworks

PAAD’s Skills and Competency Working Group is providing great leadership in bringing competency as a major focus to the Alberta workforce. Worker competency is seen as a major contributor to the PAAD mission of better productivity, improved safety and enchanted energy and industrial sector competitiveness.These PAAD Working Group efforts are being independently evaluated by the… Read more »

Innovation & Competitiveness Webinar

Innovation is critical for the success of any enterprise, and an organization’s ability to innovate is its strongest competitive advance in a rapidly changing world. Productivity is one of the factors that separates the companies that thrive from the ones that struggle. What is your business doing to innovate and stay competitive? Companies are finding… Read more »