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The Productivity ARC helps companies at any stage of their productivity journey to improve their competitiveness, and is intended for companies who are committed to and focused on their growth.

Western Canadian ARC Program 2019

GO Productivity is currently offering a substantial advantage to their clients through program support that covers up to 80% of the program feeThis ensures that advancing your growth plan is not impaired by a lack of resources.

Eligible Services:

ARC: The ARC involves an Assessment, 2-day workshop to develop the action plan or Road-map that your team builds and owns as well as on-going Coaching for implementation.

ARC+: To dive in more deep; consider 2 to 5 days of focused sessions using lean methodologies and process improvement tools with the ARC+ set of services.

August – October cohort: One spot left for an Indigenous firm



“Our entire company is now focused, on fire, and poised to achieve our goal!”
– Rachel Ross, Mandala Homes Nelson BC

“The ARC has helped us develop a formal structure around our innovation process so we can accelerate future growth and profitability.” 
–  Jordan Iverson – Jandel Homes Acheson AB


What is the ARC?

Our ARC approach identifies opportunities, develops a plan and supports execution. It takes into account your organization’s unique challenges, and creates a customized solution.

The ARC is intended for companies who are committed to and focused on their growth. The ARC walks a company through an Assessment, Roadmap and Coaching program that introduces the fundamental principles of productivity and process improvement. It delivers clear recommendations and an action plan for growth and continuous improvement.

The ARC helps companies at any stage of their productivity journey to improve their competitiveness and cultural alignment.



From the very first conversation with the leadership team, GO Productivity begins the process of examining the business and what the perceived current challenges are that may be restricting or obstructing productivity and growth. After aligning a working group within the organization to be engaged in the ARC process, a formal assessment is administered via our online Productivity Assessment Tool (PAT). The assessment leverages the expertise and various perspectives of those several key personnel who are participating in the working group to build clear understanding and awareness around what the gaps (and strengths) are.


After a thorough analysis of the assessment results, GO Productivity utilizes several different tools to help the working group construct the productivity roadmap. This includes identifying specific productivity improvement opportunities that create value and eliminate waste. It also includes a series of both process and productivity innovations that have the potential to help the business make exponential leaps in efficiency and growth. The resulting plan is embedded with buy-in from the group with clear accountabilities and timelines are set.


Over the course of the ARC, GO Productivity is working actively to build innovation and productivity improvement capacity within the organization. Problem solving tools and techniques, collaboration strategies, improvement methodologies, and leadership concepts are shared continuously and effectively over the course of the engagement. GO Productivity utilizes the ARC process to help a company incite, manage, implement, and ultimately own positive change in their organization.


Our training ensures you build and maintain internal capacity for productivity improvement. Delivered by our experts, good training at all levels of your organization lets you keep the improvements going.

Leadership & Management

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leading Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC


  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC
  • Value Stream Mapping Workshop
  • Construction Productivity Workshop


  • Technology Integration Program
  • Innovating for Productivity Workshop
  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC


  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC