Change must start at the top

Picture it: you come up with an innovative idea on how to reduce the number of errors that occur in your warehouse when packing up and shipping out your product. You bring the idea to your boss, only to be told that he doesn’t have time to hear your thoughts. You’re discouraged and forget all about it, and start providing the bare minimum required so you don’t get fired.

Worker Checking Stock Levels In Store Room

Or: You’ve become annoyed with how long it takes to process expense claims, so you do some research and figure out a simpler way that will be less headache for everyone. You speak with the accounting department and they tell you it will take too long to implement. You go back to your desk, annoyed that you were not taken seriously, and continue on with the same tedious process.


We’ve all had these days – but why does this happen?

You are likely working in an environment that is not open, collaborative, and encouraging of new ideas. Do you know your company’s vision? Your strategic plan? Does your department have quarterly, monthly, and yearly goals? If not, you’re in the dark and will never know where to go next.


The only way this type of environment will change is at the top. It’s up to your leader to set the course of the company and be transparent with your team. This is when the magic begins to happen. Employees want to know that they’re a part of something bigger; it makes them feel valued when you’re willing to share such large goals with them, and that they’re not simply there to push paper all day, punch in and punch out.

Here at GO Productivity, we’ve set our own big hairy audacious goal. Everyone from the CEO down is involved in making this happen. We’re a tight team and we work closely together (not in silos) to make sure we’re all on the same page.

GO team

Leaders – it’s time to invest in your team, be transparent and open, encourage ideas of innovation, and build those relationships of trust with your staff. I know what you’re thinking; the economy is in a downturn – I can’t invest in my staff right now. Let me tell you – NOW is the time to do so. If your pace of business has slowed a bit, take advantage of this time. Your employees are your biggest asset; they come back day after day to help your company be better. Now it’s your turn to help them be better at what they do.

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If you’re not sure where to start, one of our productivity experts would be happy to speak with you. We coach companies on how to be innovative, what productivity improvement is and how to make it work for your organization, how to improve on your current processes, and the differences between leadership and management.

Simply contact us at 1.780.471.7060 or, or click on the link below to fill out the form at the bottom of the web page and we will contact you.

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