Are you managing your spreadsheets or are they managing you?

Think about the many ways spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, are used in your organization. Timesheets, quotes, inventory management, job tracking, and the list goes on. In every example, there are likely multiple users who need access to the spreadsheets.

For each one of those users, there is at least one “off the record” version of the spreadsheet on their desktop; for each one of those versions, there is likely a broken formula; and for each one of those broken formulas there is out of date information in the spreadsheet. These are just a few of the things that make managing spreadsheets difficult, not to mention controlling who can view, edit, or save changes to the spreadsheet.

Effective, Productive, Efficient

Spreadsheets are everywhere in the workplace. The reason being, they are powerfully effective tools for enabling productivity, and efficiency. Create forms, calculate results, and generate reports; spreadsheets are the heart of many business processes. However, there is a limitation. Spreadsheets are not very good at securely distribute information across multiple users, while maintaining the integrity of the data, and ensuring the confidentiality of the information. However, things are about to change.

Game Changer

Pleasant Solutions, a Canadian software developer, is developing a system that will change the game for companies who use spreadsheets. The solution will allow companies to share and collect spreadsheet data without compromising, or even distributing the source document.

Pleasant Solutions logo

 From any web browser, companies will be able to:

  • Set up secure logins
  • Allow several users to edit at the same time
  • Securely block access to some of the information in the spreadsheet
  • Prevent the spreadsheet from “breaking”
  • Set up email notifications for specific types of changes or actions by specific users
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Maintain automatic backups and history list of all changes
  • Create PDF reports emailed to specific users

This new system will give your company the ability to effectively create your own custom software, by leveraging the power of your existing Excel spreadsheets, without disrupting your current business processes.

If you use Excel spreadsheets, and you want to be more effective, productive, and efficient; this will be a must have product. Visit the Pleasant Solutions website to learn more about Webifier.

Technology Adoption for Productivity

If you’re considering new technology, either hardware or software, for your business, give GO Productivity a call to learn how we can help you through the entire technology purchase and integration into your business processes. If you’re going to invest in technology or equipment, make sure you get the return you’re seeking.

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