Open your eyes to the possible

Each of us has our daily routines and habits. Most of us go about them without giving much thought to the individual tasks or actions that we undertake.  Have you ever changed your routine – either on purpose or in error – and realized just how much more you have to think about things and how much you notice what you’re doing?

This phenomenon happens in both our home and work lives. We get into a way of doing things and seeing things that can often lead to a sort of complacency or habitual blindness.

Ask yourself: What business opportunities am I missing because I’m just not seeing them?  If I think differently, what impact could it have on my business or team?

Look differently

Looking at the things you’re doing today – no matter how small they might be – and how you’re doing them is a great way to find opportunities for productivity improvement and growth.  Putting a different lens on something or looking from a new perspective can give you insights, information, and inspiration that could save you money, time, or both.

Are there opportunities to improve your transportation or logistics services?  Walmart Canada found tonnes of opportunities and is now transporting more product in fewer trucks, all the while using standard loading docks and equipment.

What information is lurking within your business that could help take you to the next level?  Is technology a help or a hindrance to your business performance?  Canada’s dairy farmers are applying technology to their centuries-old practices that will improve their productivity and quality.

What’s stopping you?

These examples of innovation at work are only two of literally millions that are happening every minute of every day in business across Canada and around the world.

The only thing stopping your business from being an innovation leader might be you.  It takes a leader with vision, a team with vision and commitment, and a system for capturing, filtering, testing, and implementing ideas and innovations into the business.

Where do you start?

The good news is that each of us is entirely capable of innovating and improving. The great news is that the skills for innovating and building a culture of innovation in your business can be taught and easily applied.  GO Productivity can help your business do this.

If you want to make innovation a central part of your business strategy and growth plans, check out Innovating for Productivity from GO Productivity for an assessment, team workshop, and action plan.  Contact us today at 780.471.7060 or We’d be pleased to bring the workshop to your team and help you get started.


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