Air China Cargo strengthens Edmonton’s links to the world

noun: innovation
  1. the action or process of innovating.
    synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis,breakthrough; More
    • a new method, idea, product, etc.
      plural noun: innovations
      “technological innovations designed to save energy”

Innovation needs to be seen as a broad theme that permeates throughout much of a business’ other functions and tactics. More importantly, it should be noted that the vast majority of this innovation is non-technical and doesn’t actually involve inventing new technologies or inventions.

Innovation includes concepts like system solutions, process improvement, product improvement, and market extension.

Market extension includes bringing existing products or services to another market segment or sector, and it includes accessing new geographic markets in which you might not currently operate.

Extending into and accessing markets doesn’t have to be difficult or overly challenging, but it certainly does require innovative thinking, hard work, and the support of partners and suppliers.

That’s where the recently launched Air China Cargo service connecting Edmonton International Airport (EIA) with Shanghai, China and Dallas-Fort Worth, USA can help.

In September 2015, Air China Cargo launched its first freighter service to and from Canada at Edmonton International Airport. The newest link in EIA’s cargo supply chain places Edmonton between Dallas-Fort Worth and Shanghai, carrying products from the energy, manufacturing, agriculture and other sectors shipped to or from Shanghai and Dallas.

Air China Cargo maintains fifth freedom rights, permitting the shipments of Canadian products through to Dallas-Fort Worth.

The flights are on a three-times-a-week circuit that runs Shanghai – Edmonton – Dallas – Edmonton – Shanghai. Interline agreements have been established with Icelandair Cargo and Cargojet. Expair Cargo has been designated the Canadian general sales agent and bring their expanded network to the connection possibilities with Air China Cargo, including WestJet Cargo.

With Asia’s ascendance as a global economic powerhouse and Asian investment in Alberta totalling over $30 billion since 2012, this Air China Cargo service will advance the long-term economic prosperity of the province.

EIA’s cargo network now includes direct service to the EU, US, and China with onward connections to the world, specifically Japan via Shanghai. This growing air cargo network and its interline connections provide access to and from all of Canada.

For more information on Air China Cargo service at Edmonton International Airport, contact Expair Cargo at +1 780 890 3975 or

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