New White Belt delivered at Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Photo courtesy Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Photo courtesy Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

GO Productivity staff delivered the first session of the new Lean Six Sigma White Belt workshop at a recent Edmonton Chamber of Commerce event. With a sold-out crowd of 34 participants, the half-day workshop both educated and entertained participants, organizers, and facilitators.

Mike Kluh

Mike Kluh

Mike Kluh and Rene Ziorio of GO Productivity delivered the workshop to participants from leading businesses in Edmonton, representing companies in printing, financial services, professional & technical services, human resources, recreation, marketing, transportation, and health care.

Kluh said, “The workshops are always eye-opening for participants, even those that have seen something similar before in their careers. It’s neat to see people from a variety of companies, at varying levels in their businesses come together so quickly and experience how impactful operational productivity improvements can be.”

Rene Ziorio

Rene Ziorio

Normally offered to groups of 17 people, this session with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce doubled that number and meant two process simulations were taking place at the same time.

According to Ziorio, there were definitely differences in the way that the simulation groups approached the process and improvements.

“It speaks to the variety of experience and skills at the table when improvements are offered and tried,” said Ziorio. “It’s a great demonstration of the iterative way that these improvements often happen in the real world.”

What’s White Belt all about?

Formerly known as the Operational Productivity Improvement Workshop, the Lean Six Sigma White Belt is now better integrated with GO Productivity’s full spectrum of Lean Six Sigma training, offering sessions for all levels and teams in a company.

GO Productivity’s Lean Six Sigma White Belt is a four-hour workshop that familiarizes teams or work groups with the principles behind productivity improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and gives them a base from which to move forward as they increase efficiency across every part of the operation.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt is a workshop in which everyone in the company, from front line staff to senior executives, can participate, learn, and gain skills to start improving productivity almost immediately.

White Belt is geared toward progressive mid-size businesses looking to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and looking to prepare their teams for change.

Book a session for your team

If you’re interested in operational productivity improvement and are looking for a fun and educational way to get your team on board, give us a call today to learn about booking your own Lean Six Six Sigma White Belt workshop or how we can tailor a comprehensive solution to your productivity needs.

If you don’t have 17 people on your team to fill your own workshop session, consider bringing folks from your company’s supply chain to extend the learning beyond your own company. You never know where ideas for improvement might just pop up!

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