Eight Steps to a more Productive Canada

The report uncovers new evidence about the source and extent of Canada’s productivity problem, and offers specific measures to correct it. It is the result of a comprehensive year-long study in which Deloitte surveyed more than 900 North American business leaders and conducted a deep examination of more than 25 drivers of productivity – everything from our national brand to military spending. The report identifies six productivity challenges confronting business:

– chronic under-investment in machinery and equipment
– sheltering of the Canadian economy
– increasing competition for human capital
– inefficient and insufficient support for innovation
– lack of risk capital for start-up companies
– risk aversion

Eight steps are recommended for enhancing Canadian business productivity: educate, populate, innovate, incubate, co-locate, update, accommodate, and facilitate. [Access the study](http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_CA/ca/insights/insights-and-issues/the-future-of-productivity/index.htm) and learn more about these eight steps.

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