November Productivity Roundup

[[The Importance of Immigrants]( “”)] Rita Tracher makes the argument that companies that fail to capitalize on the skills of new immigrants are aggravating Canada‚Äôs productivity woes by erecting employment barriers that hamper innovation and economic growth.

[[Getting Green With Lean]( “”)] How one team used lean tools to eliminate waste from its import management processes. By creating a paperless process, they handled a 500-percent increase in work and eliminated at least 70,000 paper copies per year. PDF.

[[Canada’s Productivity Growth]( “”)] What is one of the few up and coming bright spots in Canada’s economy? Productivity growth says Jay Bryan. An upbeat, long term forecast of productivity growth means The causes? A high Canadian dollar means cheaper equipment and the prod from international competition.

[[Continuous Improvement at Two Companies]( “”)] A first person examination of how continuous improvement was handled at two different companies.

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