Productivity Alberta: See us in a New Way

Since 2008, Productivity Alberta has been industry’s connection to all things productivity related. The organization is a one-stop shop providing tools, resources, and services to help small- and medium-sized companies in the industrial products and services sectors (e.g. manufacturing, energy services, construction, etc) improve their productivity and competitiveness. Businesses and other organizations in various stages of development and growth can receive everything they need to compete globally and create a stronger bottom line.

By working smarter with available resources, instead of working longer or harder, Albertan companies are improving their productivity and innovation performance. Organizations that pay attention to productivity are improving their competitiveness and, ultimately, the sustainability of Alberta’s economy. The power of productivity improvement continues to make Alberta – and Albertans – more prosperous.

By offering an array of services – including the on-line Productivity Assessment Tool, the Productivity Inventory, productivity improvement site-visits, and DIY toolkits for energy efficiency and information and communication technologies – Productivity Alberta is helping businesses target typical efficiency problems and value-add challenges, as well as challenges unique to their organization, to become more productive.

Companies across Alberta are taking a good, hard look at their practices and are putting productivity first. Testimonials from clients are showing that productivity improvements are being found in even some of the unlikeliest places.

**Incorporating Productivity in Industry**

Inspired by the organization’s focus of transforming industry, Productivity Alberta was incorporated as a private not-for-profit company, with a continuing mandate to help industry improve their productivity and competitiveness. As a not-for-profit company entering its third month since re-launch, Productivity Alberta is more nimble and better equipped to address productivity challenges across the province in a timely and effective fashion.

Productivity Alberta’s board, senior management, and funding contributors recently met to build and refresh the company’s vision and strategy as the first year of operations is underway. With renewed interest from industry and government not only in Alberta but from across Canada and around the world, Productivity Alberta is well placed to grow as Canada’s leader in firm-level productivity improvement.

Larry Kaumeyer, Board Chair, told meeting participants that “this is only the beginning for Productivity Alberta,” that the dedication of his fellow directors and the company’s staff were setting the organization up for quick success.

**2012 Brings Even More Change**

Productivity Alberta staff like to tell people that they’re in the business of change management, and that productivity improvement is an outcome. Staff skills in handling change are continuing to be put to the test as 2011 comes to a close and the new year arrives. Most importantly for our clients, new team members are coming on board to Productivity Alberta, allowing us to provide better service.

With the same challenges faced by any start-up company, Productivity Alberta staff are working hard to find efficiencies and opportunities for improvement within the organisation, technologically and otherwise. New office space has been acquired and construction of a productive and welcoming environment for staff and clients will begin in early January, with operations from the new location anticipated to begin in March.

Until then (and beyond) clients, both existing and new, can expect the same service and connection from the entire team at Productivity Alberta. We’re busy working behind the scenes on a number of exciting new programs and initiatives and refreshing the ones you’ve come to know over the last three years.

Productivity Alberta is tremendously excited to take this next big step in the organization’s evolution. The support and interest that Alberta industry has shown over the last three years as Productivity Alberta has worked to develop and deliver productivity and competitiveness programs and services is truly appreciated.

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Jeff Baker, Senior Director – Education & Awareness, Productivity Alberta (

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