Waiward Steel’s MODOS: Safety, Competency, and Productivity

Safety is always a major concern for any company, but it is rarely more important than in the world of construction. Waiward Steel recently adopted the MODOS competency management system.

With any company, when the number of workers increases, the system in place becomes more and more valuable. The MODOS system has been embraced across the entire company, starting with the supervisors, and eventually to all the other workers and employees.

“For some workers, the process of being formally assessed can be intimidating at first, but the union’s presence should offer some assurance that their interests will be protected. Traditionally they weren’t given the opportunity to be coached and introduced to new equipment or new processes.” – Jeff Norris: Canadian safety coordinator.

Norris sees the system improving both safety and productivity. With the workers being involved in the implementation of this new system, they collaborate with each other, and the supervisors to make a system that is specific, and suited for them and their needs. Safety, Competency, and Productivity are all vital things to any organization, and they might just be the very things that unlock the full potential of any organization.

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