Oilweek Expands Scope, Reach, & Impact

June-Warren Nickel Publications recently rebranded as JWN Energy Group.  They are the premiere Business-to-Business oil and gas sector publication and a key collaborator with GO Productivity.

We share a lot with them, especially in our work in Alberta’s industrial construction, energy and manufacturing sectors APIN, Alberta’s Project Improvement Network. We also collaborate in GO’s Project Alignment and Delivery (PAAD) initiative.  This work is all geared to making real progress in delivering safer, more productive, better workforces and more profitable businesses through collaborations and applied best practices.

GO Productivity shares JWN Energy’s the great enthusiasm for taking the scope of the OILWEEK publication beyond the oil and gas sector and beyond Alberta.  They are expanding the content and outreach into the broader business discourse space around energy… in all forms…and on a national scale.

GO Productivity will continue to collaborate with JWN Energy as they expand and extend their reach and influence.  It is obvious that Canadians, including Albertans, need more accurate and authoritative information about the role of business in all aspects of energy use, policy, technology trends, and environment impacts…and beyond.

What this means for you, our clients, is that GO Productivity can help you get your business to business story out to your customers, suppliers, investors…and beyond too…as you wish.  Contact us to learn more, and subscribe to Oilweek today!

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