Oakville Stamping & Bending Client Story

Executive Summary

Oakville Stamping & Bending (OS&B) has been in business for more than 40 years and is now one of Canada’s largest manufacturers and distributors of plumbing products. The company is a leader and innovator and has been on a continuous improvement journey including lean for a number of years, but the company’s management knew there were plenty of opportunities for improvement and accelerating improvements already underway.

OS&B engaged GO Productivity in early 2016 to undertake a Productivity ARC to discover strengths, weaknesses, develop an improvement roadmap, and access ongoing support for implementing recommendations.

The Client

Oakville Stamping & Bending (OS&B), founded in 1975, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of plumbing products. Located in Oakville, Ontario, OS&B is Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of waste & overflows, traps, lavatory drains, tubular brass fittings, and various other plumbing parts.

OS&B services the wholesale and retail Industries. The company also manufactures for and supplies to some of the largest OEM brands in the world offering in-house product design and testing in order to address specific needs and requirements. Canadians will encounter OS&B’s products at Home Depot and most plumbing wholesalers.

The company is dedicated to service and quality, and is an innovator and leader in the plumbing product industry.

The Challenge

OS& recognized that to uncover additional opportunities for their continuous improvement journey and develop a roadmap to provide some direction and focus on current and future productivity improvements, they had to look outside for help..

The company wasn’t new to productivity improvement, so they knew there was always room to better their work and saw the value in an objective analysis and review of their plans.

The Objectives

OS&B was looking to:

* Uncover strengths and find areas for improvement within their company

* Develop a roadmap to provide a clear path forward for future improvement work

* Engage with additional expertise to support the implementation of the roadmap

How GO Productivity helped

GO Productivity took OS&B through the signature Productivity ARC.

The Productivity ARC is a flexible but formal process where the client undergoes an Assessment, builds a Roadmap, and is supported with Coaching to help with the implementation and sustainability of the client’s tailored roadmap.

In the Productivity ARC with OS&B, GO Productivity deployed the Productivity 101 Workshop and the Productivity Assessment Tool (PAT) with a small team from across the company’s functional areas. The aim of this first phase was to get the group to a common understanding of productivity and discover the company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

After the discovery phase of Assessment, GO Productivity analyzed the collected data, prepared a comprehensive report, and built a custom Roadmap for the OS&B team. This Roadmap identified specific opportunities for growth and development and how the team could build on and leverage their strengths.

With the presentation and review of the Roadmap, GO Productivity is providing coaching support to the OS&B team to help them implement their roadmap and improve their productivity.

What has been achieved?

OS&B found their current continuous improvement work was largely reaffirmed by the Productivity ARC roadmap, and additional opportunities for improvement in company communications, training, and measurements were highlighted.

One of the primary focuses for the company this year has been to implement standard work for all the functions within the company, and the Productivity ARC roadmap reaffirmed this planned approach.

OS&B is now exploring the potential to have their entire company’s workforce go through the Productivity ARC and multiply the positive impact across the company as a whole.

“The people that went through the ARC were quite positive on the whole experience and were glad they had the opportunity to participate and provide their input.”
Kevin Ernst, Oakville Stamping & Bending

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