Compete or Collaborate?

In the real world where Alberta’s competition for investment is on a global scale, success is not to be found choosing between competition or a collaborative business model. It is not an “either/or” choice, it is a “yes/and” approach that works best.

There is an African Proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with a group.” GO Productivity is working with individual businesses on the “go fast” front.  We are helping SMEs improve their individual bottom-line results and competitiveness through our consulting on productivity and innovation improvements and processes and system optimization for scale-up growth.

The GO-PAAD (Project Alignment and Delivery) is an industry-based collaborative initiative in project supply networks working in the spirit of the “go far as a group” approach.  The PAAD mission is to improve safety, productivity and international competitiveness by delivering better on-time and on-budget reliability for industrial projects in Alberta.


In GO-PAAD we are seeing progressive Alberta corporations, at all levels and roles, in various project supply networks, be it construction, operations or maintenance, coming together to collaborate on creating and applying innovative best practices for mutual benefit.

One outstanding GO-PAAD Initiative success story is in the area of improved workforce skills and competency through contractor and union collaboration.  Through the GO-PAAD Initiative Waiward Steel and the International Ironworks Union designed, developed and deployed a systems approach to assessing ironworkers required skills and competencies for improved safety, productivity and quality of work.

The collaboration of contractor and union to enable the continuous learning of union members through on-the-job worker assessment, mentoring and coaching with a shared responsibility for on-going skills training delivers benefits for all concerned.


This Contractor-Union Collaboration approach, facilitated by the GO-PAAD Initiative, has resulted in dramatic improvement in safety results, productivity improvements and a more competitive bid-package for owners to choose.  The Union takes care of it members through on-going, as needed, skills training and competency coaching.   Workers benefit from more job satisfaction, skills improvements and better job security. The Contractors gain a competitive edge through efficiency, productivity, project performance, and work quality improvements.  Project Owners, who become part of this collaborative approach, see more on-time, on-budget and high quality project results.

Here is a short video of Lori Schmidt, CEO of GO Productivity and Darrell LaBoucan of Ironworkers International and what they have to say about collaboration for better workforce skills and competency.

Click here to watch the video.

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