Productivity Roundup

Social Media, and all the technologies that go with it, is being taken seriously and embraced by successful businesses to improve productivity within the workplace. Canada is on a volatile ride of productivity with some speculating if the country needs to take action in the near future.

Complacency Quashes Ideas Canada’s relatively positive outcome from the latest global recession may have actually set it back in terms of productivity. Here are a few suggestions of what Canadian businesses should do to slow down the cross-border productivity gap.

Productivity Baffles All The productivity puzzle gets analyzed as well as what government and private industry have done in the past to improve Canada’s situation.

Cloud-based Technology Virtual storage for Android tablets can save time when on the go to out-of-office meetings.

Personal Efficiency A social collaborator on the market reduces all the applications, inboxes and tabs you need in life then compiles them into one large in-box.

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