Create a Competitive Edge Using Practical Innovation

Mojdeh Poul, President of 3M Canada, has a great piece in the Globe and Mail on practical innovation as a competitive edge.

She says practical innovation is essentially “value creation for customers, the company and shareholders…that is capable of uniquely addressing an unmet need…”. How hard can that be?

GO Productivity is all about helping SMEs compete through getting into applied practical innovation as part of a continuous learning culture. We are all learning how to adapt to the new normal of renewed economic growth but with tighter cost controls, disruptive technologies emerging and volatile public policy realities. Cost are cut, pencils have been sharpened. The smart business people today are into using their business assets more productively to

We assist businesses using a comprehensive process we call the ARC. First efforts are on a focused and applied productivity and innovation maturity Assessment tool. It looks at the operations, leadership and innovation capacity. Next we work with businesses on a Roadmap to plan out a workable productivity and innovation journey. Then we stay engaged and work with the SME client in a Coaching role using our expertise, contacts and networks to bring the plan into action.

We agree that Practical Innovation is about keeping the customer front and centre. We live that value in all that we do. Every business is different but we all swim in the same competitive market economy. If you are not getting better you are falling behind. If you want to take advantage of the scale-up opportunities and create better margins in the economic turnaround through productivity and innovation, we are here to help.

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