Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils 2017 Summit

In December 2017, the GO Productivity CEO, Lori Schmidt attended the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia both as a Board member and Canada’s representative.

The theme of the summit was “The Sustainable Future of Production, Consumption NSD Work.” With attention being placed on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, sensors, robotics and additive manufacturing implications on the way we produce and consume goods and services.

It was very obvious that these exponential technologies and arising business models will require new frameworks to enable innovation eco-systems to thrive. These shifts will require new government policies, new business concepts and more capacity and desire to engage in cross-sector alliances. The challenges are numerous and critical in this age of disruption and transformation but so are the emergence of new opportunities including new realities around sustainability. Supply chains are shortening and production is becoming localized and in some cases, personally customized. Workforces need to be adaptive and agile and future proofed in the face of these waves of change.

Highlights were the University and Research Leadership Forum that focuses on accelerating Universities as economic growth engines. The participating institutions came from all over the world to use innovation alliances to optimize ways to work with industry, governments, start-up communities and research communities. They also updated task force efforts to leverage extreme innovation technology projects through new and emerging models for “big, bold transformational science and technology projects.

A Global Competitiveness Academy was announced as a distinct and intensive learning framework in collaboration with Arizona State University. This project is dedicated to helping business leaders and policy makers operate in a global and technological world that enables unleashing innovation for business transformation. The GCA will focus on the latest technologies and will identify ways to apply them strategically using an innovation mindset to stay competitive.

The future is exciting and riddled with angst at the same time. Agility, ability and an innovative mindset with a capacity to leverage collaboration is the best way forward to both design and deliver the potential of the exponential technologies that are transforming everything.

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