Innovating the Network Economy and the ARC

There are many critical models that exemplify the impact of the technology growth being experienced around the world. One of which being the Platform Model.

In the case of Apple, which is familiar to most – we need to look no further than the App Store. Started on July 10, 2008, the app store was launched to give iPhone users the ability to access their favorite websites like eBay and Facebook on their phone, instead of needing to log on to their computers.

When you fast forward to today, there are now over 2.2 million apps currently on the app store, with 235 thousand of them strictly for business. This is all due to Apple’s platform model, and through this – no group has seen a bigger benefit than third party app developers. Apple created a platform which these third-party developers could reach an audience that would have been impossible otherwise.

As much of a technological breakthrough the App store was, it was ultimately successful because both customers and app developers bought into the platform, Apple created a service that didn’t exist prior to the app store, and they created a service that their customers didn’t know they needed.

If business wishes to improve and innovate, build a new value proposition, and consider new business models, everyone needs to be engaged, from the executives to front line workers. For this to happen, the workplace culture needs to be one centered around continuous improvement. It’s important not just to focus on improvement in general, but rather Improvements that are specific and purposeful on the part of all staff to ultimately bring added value to customers.

One of the programs we offer at GO Productivity is the productivity ARC. A 2-day workshop that assesses the strengths of a company as well as gaps.  The assessment leverages and helps to build clear understanding and awareness around what the gaps and strengths are. Then, working along side your people, we facilitate the creation of a roadmap for success – tailored for your specific business.  And finally, we provide hands on coaching to ensure that these changes can be integrated smoothly into your business.

Remember, the pursuit of technology alone doesn’t solve any problem, it’s harnessing innovation and technology to bring value: to your people and most importantly customers that brings about meaningful change in any organization.

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