Scaling-up Innovative and Sustainable Businesses Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy

Revolutionary technologies are giving rise to seismic shifts across the global economic landscape. Sweeping in their scale and scope, they are disrupting nearly every industry—from manufacturing, retail and energy to health care, finance and food production—how businesses compete and the ways we work. Nations at all stages of development, and businesses of all sizes and kinds seek to leverage the fast flow of new technologies for economic, competitive and social gains. As digital technologies open widespread access to the world’s businesses, supply chains, markets and jobs, developing and emerging countries have an unprecedented opportunity to scale-up their innovative businesses globally, shatter the economic development curve and catch-up with the advanced economies.

The 2018 Global Innovation Summit brought together leaders and thinkers representing businesses, high technology, academia and governments from across the globe to analyze the opportunities and challenges presented by technology transformation. Ken Chapman Executive-in-Residence represented GO Productivity at the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) Annual General Meeting and Global Innovation Summit held in Buenos Aires in September.

The 2018 Global Innovation Summit was centered on the theme Scaling-up Innovative and Sustainable Businesses, Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy. 

The GFCC’s annual report on global competitiveness best practices – features member testimonials, strategies and case studies highlighting the impact of these best practices and serves as a valuable tool for competitiveness around the world. The Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils intends Best Practices in Competitiveness Strategy to be not only informative, but enlightening. There are models to be copied in this report, and ideas to be tried.

This year’s publication features the article Be Exponential – Growth Through Innovative and Inclusive Alliances: Canada’s Emergent Leadership. A collaboration of GO Productivity, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), and the Institute on Governance.

Click the Image Below, and find the article on page 36.

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