Top 10 List: Putting Productivity Theory to the Test – Part 1

When Chris Bailey graduated from university, he turned down two job offers to conduct the ultimate experiment in personal productivity. From May 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014, Chris read countless books and articles and then tested the theories to see how they worked in real life.

After his experimental year, he’s outlined his top 10 lessons in this blog post. While Chris’ post is definitely worth a read, we thought we’d break down how his personal productivity lessons can apply to your company.

10. Work on Your Highest Leverage Tasks
This might sound like a no-brainer: Work on tasks that make you money and provide value. This is as important for companies as it is for individuals. Yes, there are going to be administrative tasks that just have to get done, but it is possible to build processes to simplify them or eliminate them altogether.

9. The Most Boring but Effective Tip: Treat Your People Right
In Chris’ case, it was all about eating right, sleeping well and exercising. For your company, it’s about putting your employees in a position to be able to do the same. It’s considered the boring advice because you hear it so often that you’ll be tempted to ignore it. Don’t. Your people are the keys to the kingdom. Treat them like it.

8. Always Question Blanket Productivity Advice
When you’re trying to improve, it can be easy to want to trust every bit of advice that comes your way, especially when that advice comes from “experts.” There are going to be methods and models that just don’t work for everyone. That’s where working with real humans (like us at Productivity Alberta) to find a solution can work to your advantage.

7. Forming Good Habits Makes You More Productive Automatically
For Chris, this was getting up at 5:30am. For your company, this is setting up standard operating procedures so your employees know what to do and can do it consistently.

6. The Three Ingredients of Productivity are Time, Energy and Attention This is essentially the same for individuals and companies. Productivity improvement is hard work. It doesn’t happen by accident and you can’t achieve success without all three of them.

Check back in two weeks for the top five!

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