Canada’s shortfall in basic skills costs us all

The data is in! ( Literacy Lost: Canada’s basic skills shortfall) The bad news is we need to dramatically improve the literacy skills of Canadians. The good news is, while there is lots of room for improvement, If we take up the challenge and improve those skills the GDP improvements are dramatic. A report of our Germany found that improving the average literacy skills of a country’s work force by just 1-per-cent leads, over time, to a 5-per-cent rise in productivity and a 3 per cent rise in GDP. I’m talking basic literacy skills. Canada has let them slip, and it’s hurting our economic competitiveness. It is also stifling our capacity to adapt to the shifting economic realities.

The digital technological economy is driving the next wave of prosperity. That new economy will demand that workers have additional literacy skills like critical thinking, decision making and ability to work in diverse collaborative teams.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 here now.  It is both scary and exciting.  If you lack the literacy skill levels needed to keep up to the changes, it is scary.  It’s exciting for those who have the basics.  They get to expand and acquire the new literacy skills and can take advantages of the new opportunities from the technology changes.

Business that commit to up-skilling their workforces, and encourage the same of their suppliers,  will be the winners in growth, profits and sustainability.  If you “get it” and want to know where to begin , contact us at  We can help.

Click here to read the article Canada’s shortfall in basic skills costs us all

Click here to read  Literacy Lost: Canada’s basic skills shortfall

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