The Future is Lean with IPD

If you are leading or part of a construction project in Alberta likely you are starting to hear more about collaboration as a best practice. However, it’s a concept that on the surface is easy to understand but for implementation it’s not as straight forward as a new technology or software. Thankfully, there is help coming. There are several industry associations that recognize the need for collaboration and are building tools and case studies to help organizations formalize their efforts to be more collaborative.

Let’s explore one of these today; The Integrated Project Delivery Alliance or IPDA.

This association is a group of action-orientated individuals and companies that help support implementation of the model called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This model is a concept where the construction project has a fundamentally different contractual arrangement and also has integrated teams that run and execute the project. This model has been successfully implemented across the globe and is becoming more common in Canada and Alberta. The IPDA have in-depth case studies for your review available on their website.

One study done in 2015 through the IPDA with the University of Minnesota surveyed 59 projects that implemented IPD in the USA and Canada. The results show overwhelming positive performance. Respondents indicated 80-90% had ‘better’ or ‘significantly better’ performance factors across the board including: schedule predictability, cost and budget control, quality of building outcomes, less scope changes, better handling of those scope changes, morale of the stakeholders and overall value delivered. (Source: IPDA, IPD: PERFORMANCE, EXPECTATIONS, AND FUTURE USE September 2015)

The study also notes that a majority of those projects implemented Lean tools and Building Information Modeling or BIM. This is of particular interest from GO Productivity’s perspective because we know that Lean tools help all industries and will certainly have a very important role in construction projects of the future. Therefore GO Productivity provides Lean six sigma training and coaching support for the construction industry.

What exactly is Lean? Lean is a methodology and it’s simple! It can be remembered as; Having a clear Goal, knowing and measuring the Value of a process, making that process meet the goal 100% with as little Waste as possible and continuously improving. (goaL, valuE, wAste, Never stop)

The value proposition for a construction project is therefore; Facilitate collaboration and ultimately successful performance and relationships by implementing an IPD arrangement with a shared risk-reward pool, thoroughly-designed fixed cost, and each party is given the tools (lean tools, BIM, technology) to work towards ‘beating’ that fixed cost.

To be part of the conversation on how to facilitate collaboration, such as implementing Lean and IPD, join us for a one-day seminar on May 7th at the Edmonton Conference Center. Register Today

Author: Caitlin Lopez

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