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At GO Productivity, we think it’s critically important to amplify the industry voices that motivate positive change and encourage growth.  So, we want to highlight the good work of the Alberta Steel Manufacturers.

The ASM are a membership of steel suppliers in Alberta that started seeing industrial construction projects outsourcing steel to global suppliers but not realizing the actual benefits being promised. Alberta suppliers believed projects Owners were missing significant opportunities for innovation and efficiency which could be achieved through local supplier sourcing and collaboration.

From GO Productivity’s perspective, ASM’s projections parallel our own. We have experience working with various companies at the firm level. We know there are opportunities to save time and money, as much as 10-30%, on improved processes. It requires taking a step back and investing some time working on the processes and the relationships involved.

ASM has resources on their website to frame the conversation around the business case for collaboration using local steel suppliers.  The shared outcomes for suppliers and owners are to find higher quality results through design improvements, long-lasting project performance results and lower total installed project costs. They have recently released a whitepaper through an article on the JWN Daily Oil Bulletin about the total installed cost comparison actually being lower with Alberta suppliers compared to global suppliers when tariffs, quality and schedule impacts are considered. Secondly, the study will include a look into the benefits of applying collaborative project models.

It’s clear that collaboration is an important topic now, but everyone is looking for proof that it works before jumping in. So, for Alberta to become globally competitive and attract direct foreign investment for our projects again, we will need to consider catching up to our international competitors who are already using applied project collaboration approaches and attracting investment dollars.

It is more important than ever for the Alberta industrial construction industry to talk more about formalizing collaborative models for project execution and for suppliers to consider the practical elements and impacts around how to implement those models.

We’re going to explore more about this in our seminar on May 7th. Do you have something to ask or add? Then you need to attend. During the event we will be discussing the implementation aspects of collaboration in construction but also develop ideas on where we can contribute more in achieving a collaborative project design and delivery environment.

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Author: Caitlin Lopez

in partnership with the Alberta Steel Manufacturers Association

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