Global Innovation in Taipei

I recently went on vacation to Taiwan. While on my trip in Taipei, I had the opportunity to represent GO Productivity and attend InnoVEX and COMPUTEX 2019; one of the global leading innovation trade shows.

This event is one of the leading ICT, IoT & Startup trade shows in the world. For the 2019 show, a focus on the latest technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G Connectivity, Blockchain, Innovation, Startups, Gaming and Alternative Reality were on full display.

This year, the event overall hosted 5508 exhibitors at 1685 booths from 29 countries attracting 42,495 visitors from 171 countries. InnoVEX, focusing on global startups hosted 476 tech startups from 25 different countries.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              InnoVEX ©

At my brief time at InnoVEX, I got to experience the stories of many international startups and innovation accelerators and how they are focusing on the present, and future. With increasing awareness on Big Data & Analytics, many companies are starting to realize what they can do with that information, and how it can tie into other technologies such as implementation into AI and IoT to better automate workflows and improve manufacturing and production standards. Other prominent areas on display were the increasing yields and focus on alternative and green energy, such as solar, wind and thermal, which are important as we approach and enter the next decade into the 2020’s and climate change continues to be an of increasing concern.

With GO Productivity being part of NAIT’s Industry Solutions and Productivity & Innovation Centre, I felt blessed at my opportunity to attend and network with the world’s foremost progressive thinkers that are working towards continually pushing the boundaries of technology.

It is important to embrace technological innovations moving forward. With the advent of many innovation networks coming to form in Alberta, the growth of grassroots movements assists in creating a venue and resource for the sharing of ideas, information, best practices as well as a vehicle for nurturing and growing innovation.

The shift is now becoming apparent with facilities such as NAIT’s Productivity & Innovation Centre. Located locally in Edmonton, Alberta. NAIT’s PIC is a prime vehicle to combine practical research and cutting-edge technologies and showcase them and help businesses implementing them moving forward. By participating at InnoVEX and seeing what the world has to showcase I believe I was able to see what trending technologies are taking the forefront, and how we can further explore those technologies on with businesses in Alberta.

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