Taking time to balance the day to day with long term planning


“Tomorrow, your job is to change the world into a better place.
  Today, your job is to see that everyone gets there.”
―Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


It’s very challenging balancing the hectic day-to-day demands of keeping your company afloat and visioning for the long-term future.

Planning for the future without paying close attention to the day-to-day operations will put a company out of business pretty quickly. Conversely, spending all your time on the day-to-day without long term planning might also kill the company. It just takes a little longer.

It seems there are not enough hours in a day. You get caught in the middle trying to do both with no ‘me’ time. The result is stress for you and your people.

We all need some ‘me’ time, and every organization needs some ‘us’ time as well.

How does your organization currently find and provide that ‘me’ time?

Perhaps you might consider doing team building, fun activities, or we might propose spending that time taking a step back and building some alignment on the long term goals and how to act on them today. Imagine bringing your team into the conversation on how to improve over the next 6-12 months and how to align those efforts with the overall company vision, mission and strategic plans. Secondly, imagine that time spent turns into measurable results as your team comes up with new ideas on how to improve their own processes.

In order to provide this kind of opportunity, GO Productivity has the Productivity ARC Program that involves Assessment, Roadmap and Coaching customized for your organization.

You can start with a 2-day ARC workshop. We focus on productivity of course! This highly interactive workshop focuses on innovation, leadership, and operational excellence best practices and more. In the workshop the teams identify the strengths of their company as well as the gaps. Then with the GO team as a facilitator, the company creates a roadmap for success – tailored to their specific business needs. And finally, the GO team provides hands-on coaching to ensure that these changes can be integrated smoothly into your business. Together, we Assess where you are, build an executable Roadmap to get you to where you want to be, and Coach you through to success.

Here is what you can expect to achieve:

Recently, the two day ARC was done by our client who has a team of 30+ consultants in the public service sector. They started with the Productivity Assessment with all 6 pillars; Leadership, Operations, Innovation, Customer Service, Business Strategy and Project Management.

The team was passionate and extremely talented. They took the two day opportunity and turned it into a great success. They developed a process map for a typical project, identified core functions which previously were not defined, and highlighted 23 opportunities along the process as well as 6 framed ‘ideas’ for how to reduce wasted time and money in their processes.

On the second day the team confirmed their goal for 2022 and developed the resulting strategic plan. They created the framework for a growth committee which will address and drive the strategic plan. Finally they established individual goals for each person to help build and support the 2022 goal.

The goal for 2022 was to increase revenue and expand to 5 new regions. This will have a significant impact on their business when achieved. For short-term wins, the team will see some reduced confusion and waiting time by eliminating frustrating bottlenecks. The team helped balance their tasks by establishing a clearly defined roles and responsibilities chart. During the two day ARC they implemented a naming convention for the roles with two-letter acronyms.

It is also expected that the creation of the growth committee will help build alignment and focus for the group to reach their 2022 goal and will give all the consultants an opportunity to provide ideas and support for the business.

If you are ready to transform your business productivity in the short-term, clarify your vision, build an effective roadmap to that future vision, and create some ‘me’ time, then contact us and set up a no obligation 15-minute strategy call.

Together, let’s accelerate your organization’s growth and build some productivity ‘us’ time!

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author: Caitlin Lopez

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