Client Success Story: CAM Industrial

The ARC+ Engagement

CAM Industrial is a regional leader in pallet racking supply and install. The CAM team took on an important and sizable task of standardizing some processes from front to back involving sales, design, project management and installation. With GO Productivity as a facilitator, the CAM team did a deep dive into their processes starting with a full day SIPOC (Supplies, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers) process mapping exercise which resulted in a more clear understanding of the existing full process They highlighted some areas for improvement and a captured the baseline of cycle times for each main phase of a project.

The opportunities were prioritized and then acted upon in three main topic areas: Standard Work/process, Visual Management and Waste Elimination. The teams came together in two Kaizen events and developed their visual management strategy and their standardized project stage gate process. The integrated teams started meeting together daily in front of their developed visual management board or huddle board. The daily meetings involve quick updates, barriers/risks, cycle time and delivery outcomes as well as time to identify new ideas to continuously improve. The stage gate process was developed by the integrated teams and will be implemented with clear roles and responsibilities as well as necessary templates and software support.

CAM targeted to reduce their overall cycle time by almost a third. In order to reach that goal, they identified and started improvement projects which they could report on at their morning huddle. After the first three weeks of data, the quote cycle time is showing reduction, and months later they revised the process and metrics again and saw a 25% reduction which is a huge success.

“[ The ARC+ ] is what we needed to bring together the group into cohesion. We could better understand that structure and daily communication is important as well as continuous improvement. Biggest improvement has been that the team now identifies what is important on a daily basis and a weekly basis and as a result there is better collaboration, ownership and accountability.” – Peter Brar of CAM Industrial

With every implementation, it requires diligence and patience. The CAM team all pitched in and the leadership team encouraged diligence with the morning huddle, improvement ideas and metrics. Like any other project, it’s an on-going effort and we can’t wait to see where CAM goes in the future!

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