Client Success Story: Oakville Stamping & Bending

It started with an ARC

In 2016, GO Productivity delivered an ARC (Assessment, Road-map and Coaching) to Oakville Stamping & Bending. The ARC, as it traditionally does, looked at establishing a focused productivity and innovation plan to help support the business, in the wake of a range of new growth opportunities that had presented themselves.

Fast Forward to 2019

Fast forward to 2019 to where OS&B has been enjoying a steady and exciting growth in business, approaching a double of net profit over the course of the previous year.  One of the reasons for growth has been new market opportunities and a flood of new product ideas to introduce enhanced value to the industry.

With OS&B already positioned as leaders and innovators in an increasingly competitive marketplace, there was an opportunity to reengage with GO Productivity and formalize a structure and some key process around their product innovation goals.

Over the course of winter 2019, GO Productivity worked with the Senior Management Team to build a Product Innovation Architecture to help OS&B manage the flow of all new product ideas.  A key part of this was building a process that the team could consistently and effectively rely on to take any new idea from conception to adoption.

In addition to articulation of the architecture, a value system was reinforced around using the processes that were built – if new product ideas were to be effectively developed and managed, it was going to require patience, discipline and execution.  This can sometimes run counter to value systems that inform ideation – creativity, possibility, and freedom.  The reality is the two value systems need to work effectively in tandem.  A successful innovation program encourages good ideas to come from anywhere in the business and find themselves a priority for investment; but a successful innovation program also requires focus on the priorities that are chosen and clear accountabilities around timelines, key performance indicators, and project teams.

Oakville Stamping & Bending continues to build on this innovation architecture and will be in a position to launch key new products into the marketplace in 2020.

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