What’s Your Vision for 2020?

Posted by GO Productivity

January 16, 2020

Now that the 2010’s are behind us, entering 2020 we see a new decade brimming of growth, opportunity, and increased productivity.

However we also expect there to be many factors that may have many organizations feeling uncertain about which  direction to go to to sustain or grow their business, and ultimately their bottom line.

Moving towards the future, with technological advances, and the rapid increase in the pace of innovation, many businesses and organizations are wondering how that will impact them, and how they can adapt to or adopt these changes. GO Productivity has the tools and knowledge to help guide your organization tackle these emerging technologies.

GO Productivity has helped companies make changes that have had a positive impact on their bottom line, since GO’s establishment in 2011. Over the years, the GO team has collected the tools and knowledge to help guide your organization when it comes to tackling these important questions of strategic directions. Moving towards the future, with technological advances and the rapid increase in the pace of innovation, many businesses and organizations will also consider how to make sure their business strategy aligns with new opportunities and industry trends.

Where do you want to improve your productivity and bottom line in 2020?, Here’s a look at some of the major categories where we helped companies last year; because as cliché as it is – hindsight is 2020. Here’s a look at some of the major categories where we helped companies in the couple of years.

We found that the three main categories were the refinement and defining of processes, workplace optimization, and inventory management. The next two most prominent categories were goals and metrics, which are very closely related to the other main categories.

What does this mean for you?

Although technology is hot topic these days, some of the real work that organizations are doing to improve their competitiveness is around getting their processes stable and optimized.

Therefore, GO’s ARC service helps organizations take a long hard look in the mirror and what they really need to do to increase their competitiveness. Many organizations do have processes in place, but they are typically loosely defined. We found that being able to redefine and streamline these processes provided increased focus for these them to achieve their strategic goals. With these streamlined processes, workplace optimization is carried out to ensure synergies between the processes and the physical work space can be achieved with maximum efficiency.This of course ties in with the various technologies that an organization uses such as inventory management. By reviewing the whole process and finding the key areas of value and waste, the teams can align and execute improvement ideas that will make everything flow smoothly. With expertise from our team, we can help your organization get focused, get lean, get productive, and improve your bottom line!

We’ve assisted and facilitated many organizations towards their productivity goals since our beginnings. On that journey, we’ve helped many different companies along the way, and to help get better insight on the productivity categories we briefly looked at earlier, here’s a brief summary of who we’ve helped:

The majority of our clients are manufacturers, fabricators, producers, and associations. We’ve directly and indirectly helped companies increase their productivity and production of goods and services. And GO Productivity’s mandate is to help SMEs and grow economies by helping various industries that are vital drivers of the Canadian economy. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies such as engineering firms, banks, software developers, not-for-profits, amongst many other fields. By helping such a diverse pool of industries, we can collect a wide range of perspectives, and with an ear to the ground approach we are able to tailor the best solution to help facilitate a more customized approach for you and your team to take.

The extent that our clients assist others further extends to construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, in addition to other logistical, and service needs. These industries are central to the Albertan and Canadian economy, thus bolstering the value of GO Productivity’s work in helping our clients achieve the best productivity that they can.

We have the expertise, the experience, and the tools to facilitate the journey your organization is on, to get focused, get productive, and get a clearer vision for the next decade; 2020 vision!

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