GO Productivity Book Club 6th Installment



Welcome back to GO Productivity’s Book Club 6th Installment.


Part 6: The Part of Tens

Welcome back to GO Productivity’s Book Club 6th installment and our final review of the book Lean Six Sigma for Dummies by John Morgan and Martin-Brenig Jones.  We are now continuing onto Part 6 of the book which consists of Chapters 19 to 21

The last three chapters of the book examines the ten best practices that can help you take your organization to the next level with Lean Six Sigma, how to avoid the ten common traps that organizations can fall into when implementing Lean Six Sigma, and finally it offers excellent resources to discover to help your organization be more effective when implementing Lean Six Sigma. At GO Productivity, we’ll customize-Lean-Six-Sigma Training to best fit the needs in your organization; learn how to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma through applied-training.

Chapter 19 – Ten Best Practices

This chapter outlines the ten best practices you can apply when implementing Lean Six Sigma in your organization.


To successfully implement Lean Six Sigma in your organization through applied-training

  1. Lead and Manage the Program
  2. Appreciate that Less is More
  3. Build in Prevention
  4. Challenge Your Processes
  5. Go to Gemba
  6. Manage Your Processes with Lean Six Sigma
  7. Pick the Right Tools for the Job
  8. Tell the Whole Story
  9. Understand the Role of the Champion
  10. Use Strategy to Drive Lean Six Sigma

Chapter 20 – Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

  You want your Lean Six Sigma Program to be successful, for your team to be committed to it, and for your culture to be one of continuous improvement. This chapter describes things that can go wrong and helps you prepare in order to avoid the common pitfalls.

      Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Jumping to Solutions
  2. Coming Down with Analysis Paralysis
  3. Falling into Common Project Traps
  4. Stifling the Program before You’ve Started
  5. Ignoring the Soft Stuff
  6. Getting Complacent
  7. Thinking that You’re Already Doing It
  8. Believing the Myths
  9. Doing the Wrong Things Right
  10. Overtraining

Chapter 21 – Ten Places to Go for Help

At times Lean Six Sigma can seem a bit intimidating.
This chapter lists where to go to find help.

      Ten (plus one) places to go for help

  1. Your Colleagues
  2. Your Champion
  3. Other Organizations
  4. The Internet
  5. Social Media
  6. Networks and Associations
  7. Conferences
  8. Books (like this one!)
  9. Periodicals
  10. Software
  11. Training and Consultancy Companies (like us! – GO Productivity)


The final part of the book, Chapters 19 to 21 delivers quick hits and checklists in a convenient, and easy to follow format. It gives insights on how to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma in your organization through applied-training.


Concluding thoughts on LSS for Dummies

Overall, the book is informative, concise, and to the point – staying very much on brand with the “… for Dummies” series of books.

Each section is supported by examples of real-world application and diagrams to help the reader get the gist of the concepts being explained.

The final part of the book, detailed earlier in this article, is quick and simple providing essentially a large checklist as the book wraps up and serves as another knowledge check.



Start Your Lean Journey

For more in-depth knowledge, and hands on training and implementation of Lean Six Sigma contact us at GO Productivity. We help provide you skills and coaching for a successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma into your organization. We’ll train your team and coach you on your projects, and how to be more productive and improve your bottom line! Reach us today at

At GO Productivity, we’ll customize-Lean-Six-Sigma Training to best fit the needs in your organization.

We would love to engage those of us following along to explore this book (and others in the future!). We welcome your thoughts and feedback along the way as we grow into our Lean Six Sigma journey and the embrace of continuous improvement and increased productivity.




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