What Leadership Style Did You Choose? Structural or Entrepreneurial Leadership?



Which style did you choose and how can you improve?


We’ve seen when managers are not leaders. We’ve also seen leaders that are individual contributors.


Leadership is a choice.


Napoleon Bonaparte famously said: “Every corporal carries a field-marshal’s baton in his knapsack”


What kind of leader are you? Are you a Structural Leader or an Entrepreneurial Leader?


Structural Leadership


Structural leaders are analytical thinkers. You get things done!


Your strengths lay in improvement through procedural change. Your approach is measured and methodical. Your results are strong process details and clear Standard Operating Procedures. Your employees receive clarity around these processes and procedures. Employees know exactly what you expect of them.


Structural leaders can easily become bogged down by the details. They can be seen as inflexible or “stuffy.” They often find it difficult to keep up with rapid changes in customer/market trends and employee needs. They are often inwardly focused on the finer details of company processes.


In extreme cases, they run the risk of turning the company into a lumbering dinosaur while the competition leapfrogs past.


Entrepreneurial Leadership


Entrepreneurial leaders are “big thinkers.” You find new things and new ways of doing things!


Your strengths lie in innovation, flexibility and nimble rapid responses. Your approach is fluid. You rely on conversations with employees, colleagues, and customers to come up with new game plans. You are fast on your feet. You are not afraid to take risks when you see a market opportunity. Your vision is future focused. You can be counted on to steer the company towards up-and-coming markets.


Entrepreneurial leadership has pitfalls. They can lose sight of important details while painting the bigger picture. They can have their head in the clouds and appear flighty. Their employees may become confused and frustrated, never quite knowing what’s going on at any given time. Quality control can slip away in the haze. The company might suffer from lack of attention to important detail.


In extreme cases, entrepreneurial leaders run after so many new things that nothing gets done. The competition steamrolls past.


The Yin and the Yang – You Need Both!


Where are you now and how can you improve?


Structural Leaders keep the trains running on time while Entrepreneurial Leaders are looking for the next opportunities in supersonic travel.


If you find personal strength in structural leadership – thank goodness. We need you!


  • Keep methodically examining situations and developing clear processes to solve both large and small problems.
  • Communicate those processes to your employees.


Keep the company strong.


But when it comes to innovation and new opportunities – don’t shoot the dreamers. They could be your future.


  • Consider giving employees and colleagues more room to chat with you and amongst themselves informally.
  • Pause a moment —and don’t shoot down “pie in the sky” suggestion.
  • Task your employees to work on the ideas a little more.
  • Have them flesh out the steps needed to get it there.
  • Reward employees not only for a job well done but also for the ideas they put forward.


Those crazy ideas just might be a diamond in the rough!


Entrepreneurial leaders see the future that can be while Structural Leaders can build that vision into reality.


If your strength is entrepreneurial leadership – thank goodness. We need you too!


  • Keep engaging your colleagues and employees.
  • Make them part of the visioning process.
  • Help them to help you turn your vision into reality.


Together you can create the company’s future.


When it comes to the day-to-day – don’t neglect the people that keep the company operating. Take some time to set those dreams aside for a brief moment. Make sure the nitty gritty is done too.


  • Spend some time listing the steps needed to get to your idea to the next level.
  • Engage your detail people to help craft your vision into reality.
  • Task them to build the marketing plans, strategic plans, and Standard Operating Procedures you might not be good at.


Engage and reward your staff for keeping the company moving while you figure out the future.


Your company needs both leaders to run on time and build to that future!


Want to learn more about how to improve your company leadership? Please contact us today for strategies to help lead your team to increased productivity and profitability.



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