Four Steps to Build a Culture of Team Resiliency for the Post-COVID Workplace

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April 30, 2020


Four Steps to Build a Culture of Team Resiliency for the Post-COVID Workplace


This crisis is surreal. There is no roadmap or clear timeline for returning to normal. What will “normal” even look like?

But there is also room for hope.

Our civilization is anything but weak and vulnerable, we are adaptable and dynamic. We are caring, progressive and have found our way through far worse.

Despite the real and encompassing uncertainty of today, you know this will end. We will have some real work ahead of us to restart and get running again.

One thing we’re trying to do at GO Productivity is get poised to spring back into action. More importantly we want to help you and our network of companies to do the same. Internally we are building up skill sets for resiliency, adaptability, quick decision-making and team alignment and focus on what is truly important.

Culture of Resiliency: Inherent ability and desire of all individuals and teams to overcome adversity and recover quickly from disruption.

Here are 4 clear steps to build a culture of team resiliency.

The first step is to ‘Know Thyself’

Take stock of what is truly important around the key driving values for your organization. Revisit your mission, values, and the clients you serve.

Now is the time to amplify the strengths of your people and teams. Big changes can be implemented later.

Mapping those strengths and implementing more cross-training will boost resiliency. Resilient companies will be able to shift and change in order to weather different storms. Helping your team weather this storm now prepares them to excel in 2021.

The second step is ‘Getting Real – Openness and honesty’

People process stress and anxiety differently. Your first priority must be supporting the individuals that are struggling the most. This can range from simple conversations to more professional support. The critical element of resiliency here is open and honest dialogue. Feeling under-valued or not listened-to will cause even more anxiety especially in these times. It’s important to remember that your workers feel the pressure of uncertainty both with their job and providing for their family.

The third step is to ‘Focus on what is Possible Today.’

Help your team have a positive, growth mindset.

Growth mindset, a mindset of hope, focuses more on opportunities for the future and less on failures of the past. Continuous improvement can be the under-lying engine that helps organizations ride through extreme disruptions in the economy. What is one thing, no matter how small, that the team can work on today to better their situation? Progress empowers your people by returning an element of control. You can help them realize that they can do this.

The fourth step is to ‘Create New Value in today’s and tomorrow’s world.’

Start regular online meetings for your teams to generate new ideas as the situation unfolds. This is the source for tomorrow’s progress. Consider a criterion for decision-making when restrictions are lifted. This will expedite movement. Start opening up to new opportunities to innovate and collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

How will your company culture look when we come through this crisis?

We are here to support you.

If you’d like to talk about how to tackle some of these ideas or ask us about what we’re doing we’d be happy to have a call or video chat.


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