What is SIPOC?


What is SIPOC?

SIPOC stands for (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers). This is a tool for mapping a process and connecting it to your customers and what they need. The following figure represents the template or model to fill out. First, write out the process steps and then list the related elements of suppliers, inputs, outputs and customers for each of the process steps.














Suppliers: External companies and internal teams or individuals that provide the inputs into the process step.

Inputs: Requirements for the process including materials, equipment and information.

Process: The high-level process and it’s main steps.

Outputs: The results of the process including materials, information and others.

Customers: Both internal and external customers who receive the outputs of the process.


The key questions this model should then raise:

  • Are the suppliers meeting the requirements of the process steps?
  • Are the inputs available on time and meeting requirements of the process?
  • Are the outputs meeting the customer requirements?
  • For all requirements both inputs and outputs, what is being measured and where are the opportunities?

This is a helpful tool when defining and improving processes within your organization. At GO Productivity we use this tool often in our 2-day ARC and 4-day ARC+ services. Contact us for more information, email


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