Interview with Pleasant Solutions on the Power of Asking “Why”?

Pleasant Solutions, an Edmonton-based custom software developer with offices across Canada and more than 100 years of combined development experience, is the Premier Sponsor of the 2014 Productivity Summit: It Begins at Why.

We sat down yesterday with Jason Clarke, Technical Accounts Manager with Pleasant Solutions, and asked him a few questions about his company’s involvement in the Productivity Summit.

PA: With hundreds of business events happening each year in Edmonton and Alberta. Why did you decide to sponsor the Productivity Summit?

JC: What sold us on the 2014 Productivity Summit was the focus on productivity and innovation, putting it at the centre of the event and the content. It wasn’t trying to be squeezed in a breakout session. And the way that Productivity Alberta looks at productivity is so different when compared other companies. It’s refreshing.

We also looked at both the speaker lineup and the list of registered attendees. We could see that the companies who are coming are the leaders in their fields, both today and into tomorrow. We could tell right away that the conversations we’ll end up having at the event will be different – more productive – than what happens at a typical conference or tradeshow.

Pleasant Solutions is focused on the productivity of our clients’ businesses, and we want to provide them innovative solutions that help them grow and innovate themselves. It was the alignment between our business, the Summit, and with Productivity Alberta that made the clear difference for us in deciding to sponsor this year’s event.

PA: What would you tell a business person who isn’t currently registered as to why they should attend the Productivity Summit?

JC: I wouldn’t really tell them anything; I’d ask them a question. And that question is: What are you doing to address your productivity, innovation, leadership & management, and operations?

If their answer is “I don’t know,” “Nothing,”, or even if they have to stop and think about the answer, then they need to be at the Productivity Summit. They need to be working on all these areas, and they need to step back from the business once in a while to see how things really are.

It’s as simple as that.

PA: What are you looking forward to the most at the Productivity Summit?

JC: We’re really excited about the opportunity to meet business people from diverse industries and experiences, who are all focused on improving productivity and innovation within their organization.

There will be many great discussions and presentations, which I hope will inspire everyone to go back to their businesses to consider productivity innovation, and technology strategies for 2015.

PA: Do you have a productivity or innovation tip that you can share with the audience?

JC: It’s probably not a tip, rather more some advice that I often provide to clients and prospects.

To move forward with a plan to improve productivity, innovation, or technology; you must understand your business as it is today. Know why you do business the way you do; know why change is important to your organization; define success; move forward boldly; be sure to benchmark and measure along the way.

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