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How Do You Improve your Operations? Enable the Process

During a recent client engagement, the client told us that their scrap rate was their biggest challenge and was the number one reason that they were struggling to be profitable. The runner-up was capacity within the shop processes, since they believed that running more jobs through the shop would make them more profitable. However, after… Read more »

Leading through Constant Change

We live in a world of change, complexity and uncertainty.  And given the ups and downs of a cyclical economy that we experience in Alberta, companies continually have to navigate through these uncertain and challenging economic times. This can result in organizational changes, layoffs, as well as mergers and acquisitions. It can also provide a… Read more »

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Who hasn’t wanted a Culture of Innovation in their organization? After all, we are constantly inundated with articles, video interviews and books telling us we must have one; that we can’t be successful without it. Countless organizations have tried wholesale “change management” or “organizational transformations” to get one, which takes a long time, requiring commitment… Read more »