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The What and Why of Project Delivery

In the industrial construction sector,  challenges exist due to geography, climate, labour, investment, and other internal and external factors, and they have become unique threats to successful project execution in Alberta. This means that businesses are struggling to remain competitive when faced with increasing costs caused by project delays, affecting companies at every level of the supply… Read more »

Above All Else, Do This!

Many organizations are very good at strategy development and planning. However, we know that far fewer are anything better than average when it comes to execution. There are some specific things to be done in order to improve on execution. Many books by some great authors have been published in this regard. Therefore, I wish… Read more »

Efficiency: Construction Overruns and Delays Hindering Competitiveness

Approximately 60% of construction projects come in over budget or behind schedule, said GO Productivity’s Matt Knight, a speaker at the Vancouver Regional ConstructionAssociation (VCRA) Construction Leadership Forum May 8–9, tailored for middle managers from across the industry. Knight is the managing director of growth services for the innovative Alberta company set up to look at ways to make Canadian companies, including the construction industry, more efficient. That 60% figure… Read more »

Your People are your Highest ROI

We assign portions of our company’s budget to invest in all sorts of things – such as new equipment, a better location, more people, or new technology. Investing in your people is, by far, the greatest Return on Investment we can make. The StrategyInvesting in your people yields higher returns because people have the ability… Read more »

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Who hasn’t wanted a Culture of Innovation in their organization? After all, we are constantly inundated with articles, video interviews and books telling us we must have one; that we can’t be successful without it. Countless organizations have tried wholesale “change management” or “organizational transformations” to get one, which takes a long time, requiring commitment… Read more »

Are you managing your spreadsheets or are they managing you?

Think about the many ways spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, are used in your organization. Timesheets, quotes, inventory management, job tracking, and the list goes on. In every example, there are likely multiple users who need access to the spreadsheets. For each one of those users, there is at least one “off the record” version of… Read more »

Facilitating Productive, Interactive, Engaging Meetings

There are many reasons to have meetings. People solve problems and build new knowledge when they meet in groups. Meetings provide a social exchange and allow initiatives to be created, operationalized and rolled out. Projects are usually more effective when planning and check-in meetings are part of the process. Marie Gervais, Director of Shift Management… Read more »