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Never late is better: How payment delays can affect your bottom line

If you use an invoicing system in your business, you know how important it is to get paid on time. But did you know a simple payment delay could cost you more than just a few dollars? Article by by Shea St. Laurent, Dryrun

Cover photo by [Jordiet]( on Flickr and reproduced under [Creative Commons 2.0](

The Power to ask “Why?”

Leading a business in the twenty first century brings new, multi-dimensional challenges and changes every day. We are in the centre of the “information age” of integrated internet and accelerating scientific advances which means having to deal with more sophisticated and educated customers, and new technologies that endanger corporations’ relevancy every day.

New energy efficiency program provides financial support to Alberta’s goods manufacturing sector

Is the cost of operating your steam boilers leaving you hot and bothered? How much money leaves your plant from air leaks around cargo doors? Are your motors driving away your profits? A new financial assistance program is being offered to help small to medium-sized enterprises identify opportunities to save energy and reduce operating costs.