Cancellation, Substitution & Refund Policy


Cancellation, Substitution & Refund Policy

Updated: March 10, 2020

Applicable to: training, open-enrollment programs, workshops, seminars, and events hosted by GO Productivity


Why this policy?

GO Productivity understands that schedules can change and despite a your best intentions, you may not be able to attend a workshop or event for which you’ve purchased a ticket or paid a fee.

We want to clearly communicate to our clients and partners our policy on cancellations, substitutions, and refunds for workshops, events, and training offered by GO Productivity.

Substitution Policy

If you are unable to attend the training, workshop, or event (not including Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training), you may send a substitute attendee in your place. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be sending a substitute by sending us a note to

Substitutions will be charged a non-refundable administration fee equal to 10% of the total program fee.

If you cannot find a substitute to take your place, GO Productivity will accept a cancellation and issue a refund according to our Refund Policy below.

Refund Policy

GO Productivity will accept your request for cancellation and refund according to the following timelines and proportions

If we receive your written request (via email to for cancellation and refund:

Timeline Refund amount
More than 45 days before session start date Full refund, less a 10% administration fee
45 days to 31 days before session start date 50% refund of total fee
Less than 31 days before session start date No refund



  • All requests for substitutions or cancellations must be received in writing at at least five (5) business days before the start of a workshop or event (exception: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training).
  • For Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, substitutions are permitted up to 30 days before the scheduled start of the first week of classes. No substitutions will be permitted after this date or once the program begins.


If GO Productivity cancels an event or workshop

If GO Productivity cancels a workshop, event, or training for any reason, we will provide you a full refund of your program fees. No administration fee will be charged.

Exceptions & Extenuating Circumstances

Some exceptions to this policy may apply at the discretion of GO Productivity. Some special events or workshops, including co-hosted events, may use a different policy, which will be communicated on associated registration pages or websites.

GO Productivity reserves the right to change this policy at any time.


Should you have any questions about this policy and how it applies to your program or registration, please contact GO Productivity at (780) 471-7060 or email