Caitlin López is a Manufacturing Engineer who specializes in quality/process improvements and project management. She received her BSc. from the University of Calgary with a major in Manufacturing Engineering in 2011.

Caitlin has been with GO Productivity for over 4 years and in her current role at GO Productivity she provides the same technical support and lean six sigma practices as a manufacturing engineer but for all her clients in all industries. Previously while working in manufacturing she successfully led one new product implementation, two large manufacturing re-layout projects, and gained experience with large integration projects as well as short-term production supervision. Caitlin was also responsible for process improvement projects yielding up to $500,000 a year in savings including shipping optimization and an innovative 40+ work-centre job scheduling process.

During her work as a manufacturing engineer she developed a passion for lean methodology, front-line leadership, and safety. She also enjoys enhancing her work creativity by learning computer programming and website development.