Practical Realities of Collaboration in Construction


Practical Realities of Collaboration in Construction


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Richard Venerus – Principles of Collaboration

Craig Webber – IPD and Case Studies

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Notes from Q&A sessions as well as the Breakout Sessions

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Network with Industry Leaders on Collaborative Projects

Are you Ready to Work on a Collaborative Project?

COAA and GO Productivity present a seminar on the practical realities of a collaborative approach to construction. This is your opportunity to connect, share and network with project owners, contractors and suppliers about participating in collaborative construction projects.

This seminar is for project owners, designers and constructors, subcontractors, craft trades, logistics, service and product suppliers who want to learn more about and be better at collaborative construction approaches.

What kinds of practical changes will you have to make, professionally and business-wise, to optimize the benefits of collaboration? This event will provide insight from industry leaders on collaborative construction models from project design, planning, execution and commissioning. The presenters will explore various collaborative challenges like updating business processes, new performance metrics, and issues in risk and reward sharing.

Breakout Sessions:

All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us!

There will be a breakout session tailored for project owners, managers, and contractors. It will focus on practical approaches to help align suppliers to be ready, willing, and able for collaboration. This session will focus on practical tools and applied learnings. How to get contractor and supplier input by building trust by using constant communications and continuous improvement.

Be More Competitive within a Collaborative Approach

This breakout will be about new workforce competencies and organizational skills needed for a networked collaborative approach. There will be tips and tools on how your SME company can become more strategic and competitive and benefit from the collaborative model. You will learn how SMEs can achieve productivity improvements, be more innovative, and develop the organizational skills needed to work collaboratively.

AGENDA – Tuesday May 7th

9:00 am Registration & Networking

10:00 am Principles of Collaboration: Presented by Richard Venerus – Venerus Advisory Partners

10:30 am IPD and Case Studies: Presented by Craig Webber, President of IPDA (Integrated Project Delivery Alliance)

11:00 am Industry Panel: Moderated by Ken Chapman from GO Productivity with panel speakers including:

Ross Krill from Suncor

Frank deLuca from Bird Construction

Randy Perry from Collins Steel

John Boudreau from OTS

and Richard Venerus from Venerus Advisory Partners.

11:45 am Lean Construction Overview

12:00 pm Lunch and Networking

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Breakout Sessions

Edmonton Convention Center

9797 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

Price: $199 plus GST – includes lunch and refreshments

Speaker Information

Richard Venerus

Founder and Principal at Venerus Advisory Partners.

Richard has over 20 years of experience in commercial management in a diverse set of industries, including technology, financial services, transportation, construction and oil and gas.  He is a qualified lawyer, certified in Construction Law and holds a MBA from the Schulich School of Business.  Richard is professionally trained or certified in Project Management, Change Management, Construction Contract Administration, Adult Education, Mediation, Arbitration and ISO 44001- Collaborative Working.

When not being an entrepreneur, Richard enjoys travelling with his young family to warm water locations that offer the opportunity for him to maintain his certification as a Master Scuba-Diver.  Residing in Calgary, Canada, Richard can be reached at or 1.855.820.4234.

Craig Webber

President of the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance (IPDA), Craig Webber is a principal with Group2 Architecture Interior Design, an early adopter of IPD with experience on ten full IPD projects. He has participated in several research projects on enhancing construction productivity with universities in the US and Canada. Craig is committed to championing IPD as he has witnessed it enhance collaboration between designers, engineers and trade partners and act as a catalyst to innovation. This collaborative approach has unlocked advancements in BIM, prefabrication, LEAN, strategic procurement and supply chain management.

Panel Speakers

Ross Krill is Director Front End Execution at Suncor and has over 20 years of leadership expertise with a background in Chemical Engineering. Ross helped run our collaboration pilot project with PAAD in 2016-2018 and is passionate about collaboration in the heavy industrial construction industry.

Frank De Luca is a Professional Engineer with 25 years experience in the construction field, 23 years at BIRD construction and is currently a Vice President in the industrial division.  Frank has been involved in Best Practices development with the COAA since 2003 and is currently the Co-Chair of the Contracting committee.

Randy Perry is a senior project manager for Collins Steel with over 10 years of leadership experience. His role and responsibilities are focused on creating margin in time and resources through collaborative team building, process improvement, shared risk/reward agreements, and solution finding. Randy is currently involved in four projects being executed under an Integrated Project Delivery contract.

John Boudreau is a senior Oil and Gas and Industrial Business Development leader with over 15 years of industry experience. He has a strong passion for developing the industry towards execution excellence which highly depends on collaboration and communication. John is a thought leader and community builder and is involved in several industry improvement initiatives; such as PAAD ,COAA add the CHOA (Canadian Heavy Oil Association).

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7 May

Edmonton Convention Centre
9797 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

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