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GO Productivity works with organizations just like yours to improve productivity, internal capacity and streamline process. We have two typical approaches when tackling a productivity challenge: advisory and training.


Our advisory approach identifies opportunities, develops a plan and supports execution. It takes into account your organization’s unique challenges, and creates a customized solution.

The framework we use is called the ARC, which stands for Assessment, Roadmap and Coaching. No two ARCs are the same: we work with you to identify your unique challenges, then develop the right solution for your business and help you implement it.

The ARC helps companies at any stage of their productivity journey to improve their competitiveness and cultural alignment.

It creates the foundation for the company to build productivity capacity and is executed through three key components:



From the very first conversation with the leadership team, GO Productivity begins the process of examining the business and what the perceived current challenges are that may be restricting or obstructing productivity and growth. After aligning a working group within the organization to be engaged in the ARC process, a formal assessment is administered via our online Productivity Assessment Tool (PAT). The assessment leverages the expertise and various perspectives of those several key personnel who are participating in the working group to build clear understanding and awareness around what the gaps (and strengths) are.


After a thorough analysis of the assessment results, GO Productivity utilizes several different tools to help the working group construct the productivity roadmap. This includes identifying specific productivity improvement opportunities that create value and eliminate waste. It also includes a series of both process and productivity innovations that have the potential to help the business make exponential leaps in efficiency and growth. The resulting plan is embedded with buy-in from the group with clear accountabilities and timelines are set.


Over the course of the ARC, GO Productivity is working actively to build innovation and productivity improvement capacity within the organization. Problem solving tools and techniques, collaboration strategies, improvement methodologies, and leadership concepts are shared continuously and effectively over the course of the engagement. GO Productivity utilizes the ARC process to help a company incite, manage, implement, and ultimately own positive change in their organization.


Our training ensures you build and maintain internal capacity for productivity improvement. Delivered by our experts, good training at all levels of your organization lets you keep the improvements going.

Leadership & Management

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leading Productivity Improvement
  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC


  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC
  • Value Stream Mapping Workshop
  • Construction Productivity Workshop


  • Technology Integration Program
  • Innovating for Productivity Workshop
  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC


  • Productivity 101 Workshop
  • Productivity ARC

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