Process Mapping & Root Cause Analysis

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The objective of this hands-on training program is to deliver training on key improvement tools in a manner that allows participants to gain experience through direct application of the tools on real-world processes and challenges.

Process Mapping & Root-Cause Analysis

The objective of this hands-on training program is to deliver training on key improvement tools in a manner that allows participants to gain experience through direct application of the tools on real-world processes and challenges. The workshop engages a cross-functional team within your organization and walks them through the application of tools that will enable them to identify key opportunities, benchmark current conditions, prioritize improvement projects, and apply root-cause analysis tools. Ultimately, the program facilitates your team in designing improvements to your most important challenges.

Approach Overview

Our training approach is an iterative process designed to start at a high level and hone in on the most promising opportunities for improvement, developing more detail as the training progresses.  The core tool that we will use in the analysis of your current state situation is Detailed Process Mapping. During the initial workshops, we will work with your team to better understand your business, identify your highest priorities, and set a baseline knowledge of productivity principles.

We then begin collecting process data and validating assumptions with you to identify the largest gaps between the current state and the desired state. Our facilitators then work closely with you and your team to define and validate opportunities for improvement using data and your team’s knowledge. Finally, we work collaboratively with you as you determine recommendations and a roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes.


The objectives of this training are:

  1. Training on the fundamental principles of productivity improvement, specifically including process mapping and root-cause analysis
  2. Applied learning in the development of relevant process maps and related data collection
  3. Applied learning in the use of root-cause analysis and solutions development techniques
  4. Development of key improvement opportunities and recommendations

Mode of Delivery

This course comprises of 24 hours of interactive classroom training.

  • Day 1: Fundamentals Training – 8 hours
  • Day 2: Detailed Process Mapping Training – 8 hours
  • Day 3: Root Cause Analysis and Process Improvement training – 8 hours

Day 1: Fundamentals Training

We will begin our engagement with a 1-day workshop dedicated to setting the stage for success. The goal of this session will be to increase the level of engagement during the training and increase the likelihood of the team’s commitment to implementation of the solutions that the team produces.

The training will cover some of the basic productivity improvement principles. We will introduce the concepts and tools that we anticipate putting into practice during the engagement. Doing so will allow us to take a facilitative approach during the following activities and allow your team to be more hands-on during that process.

Topics typically covered include:

  • Customer Value
  • Process Flow
  • Process Wastes
  • Detailed Process Mapping
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Solutions Development

Day 2: Detailed Process Mapping

The full day-day process mapping workshop will serve as a training mechanism and problem/opportunity identifier for internal staff. It will also result in completed current-state process maps and will identify and prioritize existing improvement opportunities. Furthermore, it will establish baseline productivity metrics for current-state and for validation of improvements post-implementation.

Day 3: Root-Cause Analysis and Process Improvement

Full day workshop based on the challenges identified during the process mapping activities, we will introduce multiple problem solving techniques to more thoroughly investigate the issues, ultimately leading to root-cause identification and development of improvement solutions. Similar to the mapping approach, this full-day workshop provides basic training on the concepts and tools to be used and we will then facilitate their application with your team.

Course Details

Course capacity

  • 20 participants

Training Length and Duration

  • 24 hours of classroom training
  • 3 days / 8 hours per day

Cost of the course

$1,250.00 per person (dependent on situational context, maximum 20 participants)

Successful Completion

  • Upon the successful completion of the course, participant will receive a Process Mapping & Root-Cause Analysis completion certificate


Scott Penner

Scott is a Professional Engineer, with a PhD in Optical Sciences and an MBA in Management of Technology. He holds his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Scott’s educational background is complemented by over fifteen years of industry experience throughout the United States and Canada. He has a proven track record of success and provides a unique perspective that bridges the gap between technical and business perspectives to advance your business’ strategic objectives.

Scott’s experience and expertise are a great addition to the GO Productivity’s team, and he is determined to help Canada become one of the most productive and profitable countries in the world.

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