Productivity 101

GO Productivity Training

The starting point in your productivity journey, Productivity 101 introduce you to the concepts behind productivity improvement, teach you why productivity is important to your business and help you to identify ways to increase productivity and profitability.



About The Workshop

The Productivity 101 Workshop will inspire you to take a more strategic approach to your organization in order to achieve your personal and business goals. Key concepts discussed will include Innovation, Operations, and Leadership & Management, as well as best practices for productivity improvement.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this session, you will understand the value of taking a strategic approach to productivity in your organization, understand the lingo of productivity and the key concepts that underpin it. You’ll receive an overview of productivity, from the office to operations and discover what tools, programs and services are available to businesses like yours.

When you leave the Productivity 101 workshop you’ll think about productivity in a new way: not only will you learn why productivity is important to your business, you’ll leave with ideas about improving your organization’s efficiency and bottom line.

Mode Of Delivery

The workshop is delivered by one of our Productivity Experts at GO Productivity. It is approximately three hours long with time for questions.

Custom delivery of the workshop for your event or organization is also available. Please Contact Us for more details or to schedule a workshop.

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for mid-to-senior-level managers who are seeking information on productivity and how to apply it within their organization. The examples within the workshop are tailored towards the construction and manufacturing industries below, but the concepts remain the same for any industry.