Lean Six Sigma White Belt

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Lean Six Sigma White Belt familiarizes your team with the principles behind productivity improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and gives you a base to move forward from as you increase efficiency across every part of the operation.

GO Productivity’s Lean Six Sigma White Belt training course is intended for everyone in your company, from front-line staff to senior executives. Upon completion of GO Productivity’s Lean Six Sigma White Belt, you will become familiar with the principles behind Lean Six Sigma and productivity improvement, and will have a base to move forward from as you increase efficiency across every part of your organization. By including every team member – from president to back office, this training seeks to gain company-wide buy-in and smooth the path toward further innovations.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt is geared toward progressive mid-size companies looking to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and prepare for change through productivity improvements.

What You Will Learn

Lean Six Sigma White Belt introduces operational productivity improvement through Lean Six Sigma using a hands-on approach. You will learn and experience the principles and benefits through a simulation designed to be fun and informative.

White Belt Training Objectives:

  1. Learn the basic principles of Lean, Six Sigma, and integrated Lean Six Sigma
  2. Participate in a simulation of an assembly process before and after implementing these principles, including financial comparisons between scenarios
  3. Learn success stories of  how organizations have implemented Lean Six Sigma
  4. Gain an understanding of the potential benefits that you, and your company can expect by implementing these principles
  5. Brainstorm the potential of these principles at your company and a possible road map to start your implementation journey

Course Details

Course capacity

  • Maximum of 20 participants

Training Length and Duration

  • 8 hours / full day


  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt $400 per participant

Successful Completion

  • Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate of Completion

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