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GO Productivity provides your company with the training and the tools for you to be more productive, profitable, and build a culture of continuous improvement in your firm. We work with you and your team to encourage collaboration, so together you can build and

own the changes you would like to see.

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What We do

We work with companies just like yours to assess where you are now, create a roadmap to success, and coach you through the implementation. We call it the ARC, and we’re with you every step of the way.

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Your challenges are unique—you don’t need a cookie cutter solution. That’s why our solutions are tailored to your specific situation. Plus, we’re 100% Canadian and not-for-profit: we work to increase profits for your business, not our shareholders.

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When you’re on the inside it can be tough to see the problem—GO Productivity combines an outside eye with the expertise to see what’s wrong and craft a solution. Then we coach you through the implementation, from beginning to end. We work with you to increase efficiency across your process and find extra value for your customers. GO Productivity works across Canada in a variety of sectors—whatever your business, our experts are here to help make it better.

Our techniques and programs have boosted the productivity of companies across Canada.

GO Productivity helped us realize nearly $100,000 in annual cost savings, a 6% reduction in inventory carrying costs, and a 15% reduction in non-productive lost-time.

Robert Stegmeier, President, Kaymor Machining & Welding Ltd.

Taking this approach enabled us to reduce our expenses by about 50%, and more than double our income.

Mouna Hamdon, Executive Manager, Hamdon Wellsite Solutions

An integrated product delivery system should enable Westcor to double the company’s volume—with the same number of employees.

Bob Robinson, CEO Westcor

Real solutions, tailored for your business.

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